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The purpose of the Youth Leadership Commission is to engage the future leaders of Walnut Creek by encouraging youth to take an active leadership role in the community. Commissioners interact with and learn about Walnut Creek local government, complete a policy/service project and provide a youth perspective on issues within the community to the City Council.

Youth Leadership Commission 



 Gabriella Matteucci  Orinda Academy
 Carly Ortega (Vice Chair)  Northgate High School
Skirt Leisure Leisure Skirt Elle winter Denim Denim Elle winter  Tara McAteer Elle winter Leisure Skirt Leisure Denim winter Skirt Elle Denim  Campolindo High School
 Laila Amro  Las Lomas High School
 Isabella Millet  The Athenian School
 Morgan Barrientos  Monte Vista High School
 Grace Sherwood  Carondelet High School
 Surya Dham  Northgate High School
 Kevin Deng  Campolindo High School
 Sevien  Aubuchon  Bentley High School
 Sean Hartman  College Park High School
 Joey Anders  De La Salle
 Jack Casey (Chair)   Northgate High School
 Nathan Seaway  Las Lomas High School
 Meg Giatzis  Northgate High School

Who can participate?

 High school students (incoming 9th graders to 12th graders) who live in Walnut Creek.

What's the commitment?

Commissioners may serve for two years.

When does the Commission meet?

During the fall, the Commission focuses on learning about the Walnut Creek community and government. In the spring, the Commission works together to develop and complete a project of their choosing that benefits the community. Meetings are scheduled based on the availability of the Commissioners-about 2x per month. 

How do I apply?

Students who are interested must complete an application and be interviewed by current Youth Leadership Commissioners and City Staff. The City is currently accepting applications. Apply below. The deadline to apply is Friday, August 24, 2018 at noon. 


Contact Staff liaison, Carla Hansen, Assistant to the City Manager, Hansen@walnut-creek.org 

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Youth Leadership Commission Application

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