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Something everybody is scared to be, for they fear they will be rejected by society if they are. Those who are different are often labeled as: weird, crazy, deficient, stupid, a loser, or just a " reject".
Me: I despise people who just roll along with the population, instead of making their own path. People who can't develop critical thinking, therefore they go by the information that this close-minded society has sewn into them. People with a mediocre mentality, that does not allow them to look outside the box and to make their own opinions, thus shaping themselves into just another "brick on society's wall". A society that encourages order, discipline, and uniformity, instead of originality and spontaneity. A society made by them. Ironic isn't it?

Be different.
by Tempo421 October 08, 2008
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When you do something that is odd/unexpected/ eccentric that ends up owning the person or thing you did it to. Usually a spontaneous flair of expertise/ finesse that comes across as abnormal or strange.
OMG that guy got a head shot while jumping from a building to a ledge, DIFFERENT!

Man, Mayweather gave that hatton a left hook while moving backwards, he's different.

Shit, you don't train or eat or anything and you deadlift 160kg like that, you're different.
by Inyoassboi September 01, 2009
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adj. Euphemism applying to persons who have a handicap, particularly a behavioral or mental inadequacy. Can be found in the phrase " differently abled," which means (let's face it), "disabled." To be "different" in the most widely-used sense of the term is a bad thing; it means you are retarded. Cf. special, short bus.
Kid: Bobby is incredibly stupid and clumsy, Mr. Mackey.

School Counselor: Son, let's not think those bad thoughts! Bobby is...different. He's just a little " differently abled" from you or I, m'kay? We can't use our language to take water out of his bucket.

Kid: You mean to say he is retarded and rides the short bus.

Counselor: Now, "retarded" is a word that they used back in Germany in the 1930's, but we have moved past that now haven't we...
by Carl Willis August 25, 2004
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