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Need help using Canvas?

Support for any canvas user is available 24x7 through phone, chat or e-mail. To use this support:

  1. login to Canvas
  2. click 'Help' (question mark icon)
  3. Veronika Maine Boutique Maine Boutique Maine Veronika Jacket Boutique Boutique Veronika Maine Maine Jacket Veronika Jacket Jacket Boutique Veronika select the type of help you want to use

Canvas System

For Students

Access documentation, videos and FAQs to help you use Canvas as a student.

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For Faculty

Access documentation, videos, events, workshops and FAQs to help you use Canvas as an instructor.

For Visitors

Learn more about accessing Canvas using a visitor account.

Canvas @ UNO History

Learn more about why we are looking at Canvas and what we accomplished with the Fall 2016 exploration project.

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For a complete list of support resources, visit our Support page.